Another great game for JVFH

This was a close one for our JVFH Mustangs. With no subs, we knew it would be an exhausting game; but our team made Ethel Walker fight for every point. Jess Piard and Lucy Liu used some excellent spin dodges to move the ball around their opposition, and Mattie Lewis and Olivia Tutino positioned themselves really well and used some good aggression to continually fight for the ball. We were down 2-0 at half time, but we managed to only lose one more point in the second half, despite being two players down for some time. Molly Kissane used some surprising tactics in moving the ball down the sideline to keep Ethel Walker on their toes, and our defensive team of Emma Tran, Angie Marin, Claire Reid, and Avery Garhart worked hard to keep Ethel Walker's score low. Despite the loss, the team played really well, and are getting better and better every game.