Zooie of the Week - Sally Gallop '18

Sally Gallop ‘18 is our Zooie of the Week for her work with our Keas, Penny and Toa. As Keas are cold-tolerant parrots from New Zealand, the winter season is their breeding season. Sally has done a wonderful job observing their behaviors, informing zoo staff, as well as caring for them during these chilly winter months.

As Sally is a V former, she chose to work at the Trevor Zoo for her community service. During the Fall semester, she had the opportunity to work in our Australia exhibit and care for the emus and wallabies. In contrast to last semester, when she was part of team of Zooies caring for multiple animals, she now cares for our Keas independently.

“The zoo was one of the million reasons I chose Millbrook,” said Sally. “It’s just awesome here, and while I loved being part of a team of Zooies last semester, it has been rewarding to work with the Keas this semester,” she said.

Sally has bonded with the Keas and says that they are “really smart, funny, and entertaining.” This is Sally’s second time earning Zooie of the Week this year, and we are grateful for her hard work and genuine love of animals. Well done, Sally!