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Introducing Meg Grover, Millbrook's New Director of Admission

Adhering to Edward Pulling’s vision to be a conservatively progressive community, Millbrook is taking strides to stay at the forefront of an ever-evolving independent school landscape. It is more important than ever to attract the right students, fulfill our mission, and maintain a strong community of graduates and families. Thus, Meg Grover has been tapped as Millbrook's new director of admission.

Meg joined Millbrook's Admission Office in 2014, and her experience and fierce loyalty to Millbrook make her the perfect person to lead Millbrook's admission efforts. Her goal is to maintain Millbrook’s incredible momentum moving forward, filling our community every year with students who are uniquely suited to carry out our mission and carry on Millbrook’s tradition of Non Sibi Sed Cunctis - “We need to be disciplined, strategic, and industrious in our efforts. We must remain driven by a sense of pride and optimism in the Millbrook community. These are a challenges we gladly accept.”


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List of 9 members.

  • Jonathan Downs 

    Assistant Headmaster for Institutional Advancement
    845-677-8261 Ext.111
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  • Meghan Grover 

    Director of Admission
    845-677-8261 Ext. 139
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  • Linda Casertano 

    Senior Associate Director of Admission
    Director of Financial Aid
    845-677-8261 Ext. 135
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  • Emily Allen 

    Associate Director of Admission
    845-677-3162 x135
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  • Robb Arndt 

    Associate Director of Admission
    845-677-8261 ex. 203
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  • Ana Spinella 

    Associate Director of Admission
    845-677-8261 Ext. 199
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  • Melanie Farrington 

    Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
    845-677-8261 Ext. 168
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  • Wendy Greenfield 

    Admission Administrative Assistant
    845-677-8261 Ext. 138
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  • Diane Massarone 

    Admissions Office Manager
    Database Manager
    845-677-8261 Ext. 183
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