Director of Admission Jon Downs invites you to explore all that makes Millbrook, Millbrook. Since Mr. Downs graduated from Millbrook in 1998, our school has grown and changed substantially. The student body is larger and more diverse than ever, with 310 students from 23 states and 17 countries. Extraordinary facilities have been added for academics, the arts and athletics. Even with these significant changes, Millbrook's mission continues to be rooted in our core values of respect, integrity, service, stewardship, and curiosity, and our faculty and staff are completely committed to helping students succeed.
As you explore our website, we hope you get a good glimpse of what makes Millbrook, Millbrook, and after you schedule an appointment and visit with us, we suspect you will know what, exactly, distinguishes us from other boarding schools.

For now, please view Mr. Downs' quick video, and he looks forward to meeting you in person!

Quick Facts

Jon Downs '98
B.A., M.A. Middlebury College
Ed.M. Harvard University
Appointed 2010

Students here have every opportunity to succeed. The combination of our programs, people, and facilities provides the finest learning experience... designed to develop both the mind and the heart.
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