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Athletics, across all levels, are considered classrooms and are an integral part of Millbrook’s mission. The athletic department teaches character development, integrity, physical fitness, sportsmanship, competitive drive, and teamwork while amplifying school spirit. To fulfill this mission, Millbrook’s athletic program intends to:
  • Field highly competitive teams that strive to win
  • Teach students at every playing level to reach beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve their full potential as athletes
  • Encourage a continuous and healthy balance between academic and athletic pursuits
  • Cultivate a healthy appreciation for athletics across multiple sports with a variety of offerings, and require student participation in an athletic or theater option each season
  • Continue to hire and develop skilled and passionate coaches who are committed faculty members
By providing students the opportunity to develop new skills and enhance existing talents, the athletic program aims to inspire in students a passion for individual and team improvement. We believe that the desire to improve is the foundation of success on the playing fields and beyond.
For more information, contact Athletic Director Ed Allen at (845) 677- 8261, ext. 145 or
GAME DAY HOTLINE (for additional information regarding cancellations or changes in time/venue): 845-677-8261 x148.
Athletics News
Recognizing Athletic Achievements: Teamwork, Leadership & Determination
The school gathered on Thursday, May 22 to recognize the very best contributions by athletes on spring teams.
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Tennis and Track New Englands Results
This past weekend the Mustangs competed in many exciting tennis and track New England championship events.
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