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Every day is Earth Day at Millbrook
For many years environmental stewardship has been a focus at Millbrook and historically has been based on our strong science program and wildlife conservation work at the Trevor Zoo. In addition, environmental stewardship or stewardship of the natural world is one of Millbrook’s five core values--along with respect, integrity, community service, and curiosity--and has been an important part of Millbrook’s outlook and philosophical direction both in and out of the classroom.
Recently, Millbrook has built on this historic and philosophical base to find and develop more practical and broad-based ways to put environmental stewardship into practice in our community. On this page, you’ll find our Environmental Stewardship Mission Statement and our description of the Environmental Council, the group charged with making the goals of the mission a reality, as well as other pieces which demonstrate our current environmental initiatives and projects.
Millbrook is happy to share our environmental direction and practices with other schools and community groups. And we are always looking for ways to increase our environmental effectiveness. Together, we can work to promote environmental education, activism, and sustainability.
You can learn more about the school’s efforts concerning the environment, as well as the activities of Students Concerned About Planet Earth (SCAPE), by visiting the Conservation Action Center page in the Trevor Zoo section of our website using this link: Visit our Conservation Action Center.

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