Students Address Global Issues at Brown's Model UN Conference

Twelve students represented Millbrook at the 21st annual Brown University Simulation of the United Nations Model UN conference (BUSUN) November 10-12.

The conference hosts over 900 students from around the world annually, and they participate in one of approximately 41 committees to discuss select global topics and challenges.

"My favorite part of the experience was learning and growing to have a deeper understanding of the topic," said Alyssa McLeod '19, who took on the role of a German delegate in 1906. "I really enjoy history, and I learned so much."

While students studied and mastered topics assigned to them, they also learned much about their own verbal skills and the debate process. "I learned that you always need to speak your mind," says Isabella Puccinelli '19. "There were instances when I was unsure if my ideas would be valuable to the group, but after sharing them, I definitely helped further develop our discussion."
In preparation for the conference, students were given topics to research; writing a position paper further helped them prepare their mindset for their real-world discussions. Each student had to write a paper from the perspective of the country that they were representing.
Millbrook students returned to campus with an enhanced global curiosity and a better understanding of the political decision-making process. All of our Millbrook attendees shared that they are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this experience, and we thank Brown University for organizing another successful Model UN event.