Millbrook vs. Berkshire

An excellent finish to a fine season for the girls. Playing a team that had beaten us pretty soundly earlier in the year, we came out strong and we were up two near the end of the first half when Berkshire cut the lead in half with a late goal. We regained our two goal lead midway through the second half, and although Berkshire once again cut the lead to one, we held on for a 3-2 win. All that is great -- it's good to beat a team that beat you earlier -- but what was really clear was how much we improved though the year, both as individuals and as a team, and (even better) how the girls recognized it. Special mention to Kaitlin (for defending with passion and skill), Lacey (for working hard and supporting her teammates), Devyn (for being both skilled and physical at both ends of the field), Amber (for playing her most poised and effective game of the season), Avery (for anchoring the defense once again), Paeten (for making the sweet move of the season), Lilla (for playing with enthusiasm and energy), Molly (for bringing her skill and team play to every ball she came near), Karolina (for battling for every ball), Sophie (for playing any position she's asked to play with skill and solid effort), Emma (for working hard, sometimes to the point of exhaustion), Zoe (for having the attitude of an athlete and a fierce desire to score), and finally Lexi (for being a wall in goal, including a great last-minute save that preserved the win.) Way to go Millbrook.