Thriller in Wray Gymnaisum Vol. 2

Long time fan, first time contributor
Millbrook won the first game due to thier strong service game. India Patterson and Emily Le both went on runs of 4 serves or more to help the mustangs take the first game. The second game went back and forth,but ultimately Oakwood prevailed. Game three was a similar story to the previous game as Oakwood was able to handily win the game despite some great attacks from Millbrook at the net. Oakwood's defense was everywhere. The mustangs got down early in game four, but were able to come back and defeat their opponent thanks to some powerful hits at the net by Jenna Bressette. In typical Millbrook fashion, they kept the game stressful and had to come back to win the final fifth game by 2. 

Final Score: (25-20, 23-25, 25-19, 26-24, 15-13)

Quote of the match: "Guys, mistakes are nobody's fault" - Simone Yañez