Mandarin Students Visit Harney & Sons to Learn About Tea History & Customs

17 students studying Mandarin took to Millerton, NY on Wednesday, October 4th, to learn about the history and customs of tea at Harney & Sons.

"Tea is the most popular beverage in China," says Mandarin Instructor Susan Beattie. "Throughout the fall semester, Mandarin students have enjoyed a weekly tea ceremony while learning about the long history and Chinese cultural subtleties that go along with enjoying the fine beverage. This field trip was perfect, as it complimented what the students have been learning about tea and its importance within Chinese culture."

Students enjoyed a presentation from Harney & Sons Vice President Michael Harney, who discussed the variety of teas that Harney & Sons purchases from China and why. He then demonstrated how to properly steep and taste the teas and offered students the opportunity to smell and taste the different teas. Students then took a tour of the facility and observed how tea is blended and packaged. The trip concluded with a traditional Chinese lunch at a local restaurant where students ordered their drinks in Chinese and enjoyed foods that they have been learning about.

It was a fun and hands-on field trip that truly allowed students to experience what they had been learning about firsthand. Thank you to Harney & Sons for hosting!