Millbrook Takes Second to Kent in Close Meet

Coach Meltzer
Millbrook boys and girls traveled to Kent School for a dual meet this Saturday.  The weather was once again sunny and unseasonably warm, with temperatures in the 70s.  The course was dry, with occasional leaf cover, and mostly clear.  Despite a strong push by Millbrook, Kent ended up with the win in a close race.  Millbrook runner Kazuki Unamaya ('18) won the race, with Mateo Winogrand ('19) close behind in second place.  Sam Iacavazzi ('18) had a strong push and finished in 8th, with Charlie Weisberg ('21) in 9th.  Chris Wilkins ('18) finished in 18th place, with Henry Schulz ('18) close behind in 22nd.  Yassin Amir ('21) finished in 29th after a strong push and Jayden Reaves ('19) came in 31st.  Buzz Galbraith ('18) finished in 31st and Fenway Powers paced himself well for a finish of 42nd.  Overall, the Millbrook team pushed hard on this scenic course.  Thanks to Kent for hosting the race.