Mustangs Drop 2nd In As Many Days

Gordie MacKenzie
The Lady Mustangs hit the road to take on Class C rival, Ethel Walker. Knowing they are well coached with a number of skilled players, this would be a important game for the Millbrook after a lack-luster performance against Rye. From the opening kick-off, Ethel Walker made it known they came to play.  Just 10 seconds into the first half, Walker quickly worked the ball down the left side, and was awarded a corner on a misplayed ball by a Millbrook defender. The insuing free kick was all but in the net except Walker's standout midfielder (Veronica Garcia) volleyed the shot over the net. Millbrook quickly woke up after that and the battle for possession was on.  Midway through the first, Millbrook's striker Suwaibatu Mohammed '19 was taken down in the box and awarded a penalty kick.  But Walker's keeper, Reagan Kerecz, made the read and guessed which side Mohammed was going for and made the save. Play would continue back and forth with both teams testing each other's defensive units, but by the end of the first half, neither team could break the stalemate.

The start of the second half saw both teams pick-up where they left the first half with much of the battle taking place in the middle third of the field. Then at 29:59, on an overlapping run by Walker's left midfielder, Walker served a well placed cross to the back post where the ball was headed back into the middle of the box forWalker's Elise Namnoum to hit a perfectly placed volley into the back of the net. With the lead in hand, Walker seemed resigned to ride it out.  Millbrook responded by picking up the pace and pressuring Walker's backline wave after wave.  Millbrook saw two golden opportunities - the first being a well place threw ball by Lizzy Chamberlin '19 to a streaking Mohammed, but again, Kerecz would come up with another huge save; the second when Millbrook was awarded a free kick 25 yards out - Jalia Musah '21 would rocket her shot off the crossbar with Kerez coming up with another key save. Walker held on and managed to run the clock out. Millbrook's keeper, Elise Almgren '20 would end the day with 5 saves on 6 shots.

While the game had a disappointing ending for the Mustangs, it certainly gave the team something to focus on in preparation for Class A opponent, Sacred Heart this coming Saturday.