Millbrook Wins against Gunnery and Hoosac

Coach Meltzer
Millbrook won against the Gunnery and the Hoosac School on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.  The course was dry and sunny on an unseasonably warm Wednesday afternoon.  Millbrook runner Kazuki Unayama (18') won the race, with a Gunnery runner close behind.  Mateo Winogrand ('19) came in third place.  Millbrook team members also came in fifth through ninth places - with Sam Iacavazzi ('18) finishing 5th, Charlie Weisberg ('21) in 6th, Chris Wilkins ('18) finishing 7th, Jayden Reeves ('19) coming in 8th, and David Nesterov-Rappoport ('18) in ninth.  Millbrook runners Yassin Amir ('21) and Tucker Sloan ('18) finished in twelfth and thirteenth places, respectively, and rounded out the Millbrook group.  While Yassin and Tucker were runners 8 and 9 for Millbrook, and thus were not counted in the meet's scoring, they still showed a strong performance and finished well!  This meet marked both Charlie's and Yassin's first Millbrook race, and they both showed strong outings.  Congratulations to the Girls' Cross-Country team, as well, for winning their meet!  Great work all, and thanks again to the Gunnery for hosting us and organizing the event.