First win of the season!

Our first away game was also our first game playing on grass instead of turf this season, so that was a new challenge for our JVFH Mustangs. Once again they had a bit of a slow start, and Dutchess Day were up 1-0 at half time. After a rousing pep talk from our Team Captains (Claire Reid and Angie Marin) at half time they all came back full of energy for the second half. Cate Sinclair scored two goals in quick succession, as did Emma Schaad, and Jess Piard scored the final goal. Special acknowledgements go to Molly Kissane and Olivia Tutino for stepping up and working hard for the team even though they weren't feeling well - the small team size means there is little opportunity to take a break! The whole team played hard and worked together to achieve this great result: their first win of the season!