Banner day on McWilliams field

Millbrook played David to Hotchkiss’ Goliath this afternoon in front of our Grandparents’ Day crowd. In a game full of scoring opportunities and superb defensive play, Millbrook beat Hotchkiss for the first time in a quarter century. Bouda had five goals and an assist; the sixth goal was scored by Darmon, who also tallied an assist. Keeper Oberfeld registered a remarkable 20 saves to stymie the Hotchkiss offense time and again. In addition to this superb play at each end, the Millbrook side played strong, coordinated defense in the middle third. Colman and Rode Viesca were stand-outs; the Roberts, Tardio, Rundquist bunch were also noteworthy. King filled Day’s big shoes well when the latter was forced to the sidelines in the second half. All in all, it was a remarkable afternoon of soccer.