VIth Formers Share Wide Range of Interests & Disciplines at Annual CES Festival

The Millbrook community enjoyed presentations on a wide range of interests and disciplines at this year’s CES Festival.

All VIth formers are required to complete a CES (Culminating Experience for Seniors) project each academic year. The purpose of the program is to provide our seniors with an opportunity to develop their intellectual independence in a particular discipline by engaging in an authentic project that they feel culminates their Millbrook experience.
Students select their project at the beginning of the academic year and pour hours of work into preparing for their final festival presentations. The project guidelines require a minimum of fifteen hours of work, and each project goes through a stringent approval process before it can be pursued.
This year’s presentations represented a broad range of talents and interests. Projects included art exhibits, musical, and theatrical performances, as well as independent scientific research projects. Students also created original music, clothing lines, campus furniture for future students to enjoy, and more.
To view photos of the CES presentations visit our online photo gallery. Videos of select CES presentations can be viewed on Millbrook in Motion.