Awards Ceremony Recognizes Excellence in Underform Students

The Millbrook community gathered for the Underform Awards ceremony on Saturday, April 29th, to recognize IV and V form students who have excelled in the classroom and in their demonstration of leadership and service to others.

Spring Parents Day began with students and visiting parents attending classes and listening to Headmaster Drew Casertano's address on the state of the school. After these activities, everyone gathered in the Chelsea Morrison Theater for the Underform Awards Ceremony. 

Many students were called to the stage in recognition of their achievements. College book prizes were awarded, followed by Arts Awards, and the Founder's Prize. The Founder's Prize is the only prize voted upon by the entire faculty, and the winner enrolls in a program such as Nols or Outward Bound during the summer following his or her V form year.
Photos from the awards ceremony can be viewed on our online photo gallery, and video can be viewed on Millbrook in Motion.
Congratulations to the following prize winners:

Founder's Prize
Aria Bowden 
Liya Liang

Book Awards

  • Sewanee University Book Award for Excellence in Writing – Will Bates
  • Elmira College Key – Kerry Carr
  • Mt. Holyoke Book Prize – Emily Le
  • RPI Book Award - Gabriel Diaz
  • University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation in Information Technology –  Sam Iacavazzi
  • University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Sciences – Claire Kissane
  • University of Rochester Honorary Science Award – Corey Rundquist
  • University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award – Dawson Davis
  • Kenyon Book Award – David Nesterov-Rappaport
  • Smith College Book Award – Olivia Garip-Davies
  • Wesleyan Book Award – Henry Schulz
  • Williams College Book Award – Sean Ryan
  • Aurelian Yale Honors Society Award - Cici Wang
  • English Poetry Award - Dominic Pelosi
  • Art History - Jacob Maren
  • Drawing and Painting - Louise Jeager
  • Dance - Claire Kissane
  • Ceramics - Cici Wang
  • Instrumental Music - Corey Rundquist
  • Theater - Uni Hunte
  • Technical Theater - Cindy He
  • Photography - Emily Le
  • Vocal Music - Will Bates