Zooies of the Week - Gabriella Kirikian ’20, Eliza Lindsay ’20, and Charlotte Meigs ’19

Gabriella Kirikian ’20, Eliza Lindsay ’20, and Charlotte Meigs ’19 are our Zooies of the Week! They are being recognized for their excellent teamwork in caring for our four wallabies and two emus in our Australia Exhibit.

The emus are currently laying eggs, and this team has been doing an outstanding job of giving these eggs the extra attention that they need. Further, they have been doing an exemplary job of caring for their animals by keeping their enclosures clean and paying attention to any needs that arise due to the colder weather conditions of the winter season.

Gabriella says that working in the Trevor Zoo has given her greater appreciation of what it takes to care for another living thing. “It is a huge responsibility, especially because I am scared of birds,” she says. “That’s why it has been great to be able to work as apart of a team to care for these animals. I always have my classmates with me and we work together. The emus are even growing on me!”

Charlotte shared the same sentiment about the benefits of working within a larger team. “This is my third semester working at the zoo, and when working with other animals, like the red pandas for example, I never had more than one teammate. This has been a great experience because not only is the team larger, which is very helpful, but I get to work with a larger group of animals, which I love,” she says. Charlotte also hopes to pursue a career working with endangered animals and says that the zoo was one of the reasons she chose to attend Millbrook School. “I’ve loved animals my whole life, and the Trevor Zoo is what attracted me to visit Millbrook. Once I visited the zoo, I knew this is where I wanted to be."

The Trevor Zoo was also one of the main reasons that Eliza chose to attend Millbrook. “Being able to attend a school with a zoo is a very unique experience,” she says. “I was nervous at first about the amount of responsibility and working with the animals, but it has been a very rewarding experience that I am grateful for."

These Zooies certainly make a great team and we are grateful for their service! Congratulations on a job well done!