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If it’s a meaningful or memorable letter, speech, work of fiction, research piece, etc. written or delivered by any Millbrook administrators, faculty members, students, alumni or friends, it has a potential home in this space. Come back often; there will be many.

List of 3 news stories.

  • Caroline A. Wamsler, PhD '87 welcomes all to the 2017 Commencement Exercises

    2017 Commencement Welcome by Trustee Caroline A. Wamsler, Phd '87

    Good morning on this glorious Sunday!
    I am here to welcome Millbrook School’s graduating Class of 2017. I also welcome the parents, families, and friends of our awesome Millbrook graduates, our inspiring and inspired faculty, our dedicated hard working administrators and staff, distinguished alumni, and the entire Millbrook School community.
    I am Caroline Wamsler, a member of the Board of Trustees of Millbrook School, and a proud alumna of the class of 1987.  I extend a warm and heartfelt welcome on behalf of Board of Trustees as we open the 86th Commencement Exercises of Millbrook School!
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  • 2017 Commencement Address by Jean-Pierre Conte P '17

    I’m honored to be invited to speak at the commencement for Millbrook’s graduating Class of 2017. Drew mentioned that I was a First Gen student and he shared my passion for supporting these special students. First Gen students are students who are the first in their families to go to college. And many of these students are immigrants or children of immigrants coming to our great nation for an opportunity to better their lives and lives of their families. 
    I am the child of immigrants. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and New Jersey. 
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  • VIth Form Commencement Address by Ben Berg '17

    About two and a half months ago, in my psychology class, we were doing a debate and it was my job to deliver the closing arguments. I have pretty bad stage fright so, as I’m giving my speech, I got so nervous that I literally forgot how to speak. I lost the words mid-sentence and sat in silence for about forty seconds until my time ran out. So it turns out that the silent treatment is not the best strategy to win a debate. It was a bold move that didn’t quite pay off. Again, I get very nervous in front of large amounts of people. Also, I should note that this was just in a class of about 16 students and 1 teacher and by my rough estimations, there are at least twice as many people here today. For the most part, I’m a pretty quiet guy. For my aunt and uncle who are here today, this might be the most they’ve ever heard me speak. And I think that the problem on that day, the debate day, is that I didn’t have much to say. But when I woke up today, something was different. Today is the last I day I’ll ever get to wake up as a student of Millbrook School. And after being chosen by my classmates to represent them on this day, I feel compelled to speak. I feel an urge and an obligation to finally raise my voice as we celebrate what we’ve done, who we are, and where we’ll go. So before I begin I’d like to say thank you to the people in my life who paid for my education and to the institution that provided it, because it’s been incredible. And lastly, I’d like to thank my classmates. I’m going to do my best to deliver a fitting conclusion to a four-year experience that has made me so incredibly proud to be a member of the class of 2017.
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