Spotlight on Community Service: Who's Your Zooie?

If you were an animal at the Trevor Zoo, you would realize that zooies matter a lot... One of the 43 students who is assigned to your care holds your well being in the palm of his/her hand. If you want food and water, your zooie has to prepare and provide it. If you want clean shelter, your zooie has to rake, scoop, or shovel out the mess and replentish with the fresh. If you want enrichment and attention, your zooie has to take the time in the heat and cold, wind and rain, to play with you in manner appropriate for your species.
Being a zooie is a position of great power and importance - and that's true not only from the animal's perspective. Because of the care and dedication that is required of all zooies, the zoo staff regularly recognizes those individuals who have been doing an outstanding job providing food, clean shelter, and care and attention to those animals who depend on them.

If you haven't visited our zoo pages on the website recently, take a tour through the wealth of information that's available. Pay special attention to the Community Service & Zooie of the Week page where you can read about why students have earned the spotlight, what challenges they find at the zoo, and what they have learned from their experiences. Whether you're a former zooie, a hopeful future zooie, or just an animal lover, the Zooie of the Week highlights will be a bright spot in your day.
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