Students Culminate Year-end With Student Takeover

By: Robbie Bisconti '18

Isabella Buccellati ‘16 was recently given the opportunity to run rehearsals and arrange a song for the group to sing at Millbrook’s upcoming Commencement Ceremony.
Under Isabella's leadership, the group has been working on putting together their rendition of History by One Direction. In her arrangement, the VI form students in the Millbrook Singers (Isabella Buccellati, Sandro Buccellati, Tyler Schmalz, Andrew Colangelo, Danny Mitchell, and Heidi Reiss) will each sing a solo during the performance.

Isabella’s hope is to give a nice sendoff for the graduating VI formers in the group that can leave them with one last memory with the Millbrook Singers, “I’ve been wanting to do this song for a while, and it just fit so perfectly for graduation,” she said.

Director Mr. Vincent was excited to offer the opportunity for student leadership and collaboration, as he has worked with our VI formers to prepare them for challenges like this.

“Every music educator dreams of the moment when the students have learned enough to take command of the group, and to see Isabella do this is a dream come true. It's going to be a special way to close out our journey,” said Mr. Vincent.

The Millbrook Singers are excited to present their efforts to the Millbrook community during Commencement. Be sure to check out Millbrook in Motion for video of the performance.