Trevor Zoo Volunteer Program

The Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School offers a volunteer-based learning experience for individuals who are energetic, willing to work hard, and enjoy caring for animals. Volunteers will be involved in various aspects of zoo work depending upon age and experience. (See program descriptions below.) Activities may include food preparation, cleaning of cages, helping to provide behavioral enrichment for the animals, and providing information and tours for visitors. Volunteers will be trained by the Animal Care Coordinator and Keeper Supervisor for each task they perform.

There is a large demand for all of our programs. Unfortunately, we do not have a large enough staff to be able to work with everyone who is interested. While we do not want to limit interest in the natural world or for working with wildlife, we must have some guidelines to keep our volunteer program manageable.
  • Volunteers must show proof of insurance for any medical emergencies which might occur.
  • Volunteers must be willing to undergo proper training including but not limited to human emergencies, animal escapes, fire emergencies and weather emergencies.
  • Working safely with animals in a zoo setting requires careful attention to detail, following directions exactly, and being an excellent role model for other volunteers and visitors.
  • Volunteers may be subject to an evaluation during their time at the Trevor Zoo. Any volunteer who cannot act in a consistently responsible and mature manner will be asked to leave the program.
  • If admitted to the program, there is a $150 non-refundable administrative fee payable to the Trevor Zoo. This fee includes a Trevor Zoo volunteer t-shirt.
  • The application for the volunteer program can be dowloaded by clicking the link on the right side of this page.
  • Please send applications and questions to Director of Programs Jessica Bennett. Jessica can be reached at

List of 3 items.

  • Summer Volunteers (age 13 - high school graduation)

    This volunteer opportunity is geared toward students ages 13 - their age of high school graduation. There is a high demand for this program and we can only accommodate 40 students. Our selection process generally follows this order of priority: returning volunteers, oldest new volunteers, youngest new volunteers. All volunteers, whether accepted or not, need to submit a new application each year.
    • Volunteers must be available for a three-hour block of time (9:00-12:00) or (1:00-4:00).
    • Although we can be flexible in choosing days of the week and scheduling around summer vacations, we would like a commitment of at least thirty hours between July 1st and August 30th
    • Volunteers must be at least 13 years of age by May 1st.
    • Volunteers will pay administration fees during the meeting in June; volunteers may only sign up for time slots after the fee is paid.
  • College Semester Volunteers (two per semester)

    Some participating colleges allow work study or credit hours for volunteering at the Trevor Zoo. This Animal Husbandry Internship is an opportunity open to students who attend college within 40 minutes of the Trevor Zoo. You must have your own transportation to commute to the zoo each week. We ask that you dedicate at least 40 hours a semester. Current participating colleges are Vassar, Marist, Bard, and SUNY Ulster. Please contact your college office and Jessica Bennett at the Trevor Zoo for more information.
  • Adult Volunteers

    All interested adult volunteers should submit a cover letter and resume to Jessica Bennett. Depending on the needs of the zoo, an interview will be set up to discuss the applicant’s objective, work experience, and what opportunities may be available.

Summer Volunteer Program

Starting January 2022 we will begin accepting volunteer applications for our Summer Volunteer Program.

Click here to complete the application and submit.