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Trevor Zoo & Millbrook School

The Trevor Zoo & Millbrook School

As an AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) accredited zoo, the Trevor Zoo is dedicated to environmental education and to the conservation of the world’s wildlife through programs in habitat preservation and the captive breeding of endangered species. The Trevor Zoo offers unique opportunities for students to develop an appreciation of wildlife through the direct care of zoo animals and through associated academic classes. Zoo administrators, staff, and faculty members strive to instill in students:
  • curiosity and a commitment to intellectual excellence, critical thinking, and the joy of learning
  • respect for oneself and for others
  • a moral framework based on personal integrity
  • a commitment to serve as stewards of the natural world
  • a readiness to use one's knowledge and skills in service to others

Community Service at the Trevor Zoo

The Trevor Zoo, with its collection of more than 180 animals, provides a unique opportunity for students to work directly with wildlife. The zoo participates in seven Species Survival Plan (SSP) programs and houses seven endangered species. Each student on the service is responsible for a particular animal or small group of animals. Over the course of the year, a student receives four different animal assignments, thereby gaining extensive knowledge of the animal collection. Feeding is done on a daily basis (weekends and nights included) by the student keeper. Students are encouraged to spend as much free time as possible working with the animals and learning about the zoo. Working at the zoo requires dedication and responsibility and can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Academics and the Trevor Zoo

Classes such as Environmental Science are tied closely to the Trevor Zoo. Students of environmental science, for example, examine basic ecological principles and analyze human impacts on the biosphere.  The approach is solution-oriented and focuses on sustainability—quality of life for all within the means of nature.  This course is both scientific and multidisciplinary in its approach and challenges students to use the best scientific theory, research, and data to understand a variety of contemporary environmental problems and viewpoints.  Frequent field activities and trips make use of local wetlands, streams, forests, and other wildlife habitats as well as the animals at the Trevor Zoo.

Zoo Squad

Zoo squad is a student alternative to participation in a sport that takes place Monday through Friday and generally has no weekend commitments. Zoo squad is coached and closely supervised by the AZA accredited Trevor Zoo staff. The daily objective is to accomplish varying general zoo tasks, from feeding animals to renovating exhibits. Being part of zoo squad provides students with an inside view of how the Trevor Zoo runs and the opportunity to closely interact with animals and the areas in which they live.
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