Sierra Flanigan '05
Principal Change Agent
Living Lab
Sierra works at the nexus of systems change, leadership development, and regenerative design through a broad set of collaborations and via her own change agency, Living Lab. As a coach, she helps changemakers navigate complexity, hone purpose, and customize and carry out a strategy for amplifying impact within institutions and across sectors. As a consultant, she enables systems transformation by building organizational capacity, facilitating community-wide vision, aligning plans and policies, and activating solutions that celebrate each community's unique essence. As a connector and convener, she weaves together communities of like-minded/hearted people and solutions, designing processes, hosting gatherings, and holding space for synergistic impact.

She is guided by her love for life and commitment to a healthy future, whether through the framework of the UN SDGs, science-based targets, planetary boundaries, B Corp, Future Fit, or otherwise. Her work aids in the collective shift away from the narrative of extraction and exploitation and toward a story of equity, circularity, and symbiosis on planet Earth.