Noah Leader '12
Product Marketing
Naturally curious and motivated by developing process improvements and consistent practice, Noah currently works at Google as a product marketing manager, helping advertisers build and use data responsibly. Prior to joining Google, Noah held various roles in operations and product strategy, leading multiple digital platform releases and conducting competitive strategy research. Obsessed with how we build habits, Noah believes in the ability to train ourselves for anything—a presentation, a performance, or the demands of everyday life. This has led Noah to adopt triathlon and other endurance sports.

Noah received his bachelor’s degree from The George Washington University, where he studied economics and philosophy. His personal philosophies are informed by authors Sam Harris and Nassim Nicholas Taleb (among others) and by growing up in a family business, Bread Alone, a regional organic bakery. Bread Alone’s mission—and his family’s—is to serve honest food, create prosperity for its people, and minimize further harm to the planet.