Millbrook-Pomfret Day
As a bright-eyed, true-blue Millbrook student in the late 90s, a young Jon Downs longed for an interscholastic rivalry, a way to assert the primacy of his school over all others. As the head of school at his dear alma mater, Jonathan Downs ’98 was finally in a position to make it happen. Thus was born the inaugural Millbrook-Pomfret Day—The Battle Of Route 44: East Vs. West. 

The first Millbrook-Pomfret Day was planned for 2020 but was sadly scrapped due to the pandemic. Flash-forward to November 13, 2021. A fleet of coach buses loaded with the Mustang volleyball, soccer, football, and field hockey teams made a hard left out of School Road and rumbled east on Route 44. Destination: Pomfret, CT. A day of spirited competition lay ahead. Pomfret rolled out the red (and black) carpet as first-time hosts.

Home-field advantage may have factored into Pomfret’s 2021 victory tally, as we took home a consolation trophy emblazoned with “Better Luck Next Time” that has certainly inspired Mustang athletes as we prepare to challenge the Griffins this year. We've been working hard and will be bringing our A-game when we host our rivals at home on Saturday, November 12, and take home the Peck-Pulling Trophy!