Details on the modified fall schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • First and foremost, the health and safety of our students remain our top priorities.
  • All interscholastic contents for the month of September are suspended.
  • Our goal is to play some contests during October.
  • Each student should make two selections for the fall: a traditional fall offering (blue sport), and a winter or spring offering (gray sport).
    • Blue sports will meet each week from Monday through Thursday.
    • Gray sports will meet on Friday and Saturday.
All returning and new students can SIGN UP HERE for their blue and gray offerings.

If we decide that it is safe to resume interscholastic contests in October, we will switch back to a traditional fall athletic schedule and offerings.

Steps to ensure the health and safety of our student-athletes
  • Each student should bring three athletic water bottles to school - they will use these each day at practice. 
  • All practices will be held outside until all our students are tested and until we feel confident about practicing inside the Mills Athletic Center.
  • We are committed to remaining flexible in order to best support our students. If we need to change course in the fall, we will do so.
New Students Only
check your Millbrook School email in the coming weeks for information on how to complete your mandatory, baseline concussion testing prior to arriving on campus in September.

List of 4 items.

  • Guidelines for Returning Students

    • If you played on a varsity team last fall, you are required to sign up for that sport as your blue sport.
    • If you played on a varsity team last winter or spring, we ask that you sign up for that sport as your gray option.
    • If you played on a varsity team in both the winter and spring, please pick your number one preference.
  • Blue Offerings

    Participation Monday - Thursday, Traditional Fall Offerings

    Girls Varsity Soccer
    Girls JV Soccer
    Boys Varsity Soccer
    Boys JV Soccer
    Boys Thirds Soccer
    Boys Cross Country
    Girls Cross Country
    Field Hockey
    Tennis/ Squash (blue)
    Strength and Conditioning
  • Fall Athletic Alternatives

    Participation Monday - Saturday

    Fall Play
    Riding/ Eventing
  • Gray Offerings

    Participation Friday and Saturdays, Traditional Winter and Spring Offerings

    Fall Specialized:
    • Open to all varsity level students who wish to participate in their fall (blue) sport 6 days a week
    • Designed for fall athletes who are hoping to play a fall sport at the collegiate level
    All other gray offerings:
    Girls Hockey
    Boys Hockey
    Girls Basketball
    Boys Basketball
    Tennis/ Squash (gray)
    Girls Lacrosse
    Boys Lacrosse
    Track and Field 
    Aerial Silks
    Mustang Recreation (could include, but not limited to flag football, ultimate frisbee, whiffle ball, outdoor basketball, soccer, hiking and yoga)