Raelyn Fines
Protest in Richmond, VA 
On June 3, 2020, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney ordered the removal of the J. E. B. Stuart statue from Monument Avenue in Richmond, VA. Stuart was a confederate general and enslaver. Historian Julian Hayter of the University of Richmond wrote: “They’re not really waging war on statues. They are waging war on stories. Those statues may stand without context, but they were designed to tell a story. They were designed to rewrite history, to essentially justify the rise of racial apartheid and segregation.’
This statue was defaced and graffitied prior to it being taken down. The most dominant symbol on it now is BLM. I am hopeful that the BLM pedestal will remain in this place.
Didactic written by Sophie Stark '21
Image selected by Sophie Stark '21