Raelyn Fines
Protest in Richmond, VA 
This man stands in front of a monument that honors Robert E. Lee, a confederate general and enslaver. His statue stands on Lee Circle in Richmond, Virginia, recently renamed by protestors as the Marcus-David Peters Circle in remembrance of Marcus-David Peters, a Black man who lost his life in 2018 when he was shot by a police officer.
Across the country, there has been a movement to take down statutes that honor racist and hateful historical figures. Some argue that by removing the statues, you are attempting to erase the past. Others say that we should not continue to honor these figures and that they should be taken down immediately. Still others say that we should let the statues be defaced and graffitied, and keep them up as a reminder. 
Didactic written by Sophie Stark '21
Image selected by Sophie Stark '21