Adrian White
Protest in Los Angeles, CA 
Protests are not only times to call for change, but also times to learn and reflect. In the age of information, claiming to be “uneducated” is not an adequate justification for “staying out of it.” In this photo, a woman is speaking into a megaphone. Although we do not know what she is saying, it is clearly powerful. Everyone seems to be entranced by her message.
Black Lives Matter demands the attention of everyone capable of pursuing change. While this movement is all about influencing people to become empowered, it is important to show that these are deeply sad times as a result of tragedy. Pursuing social justices reveals our vulnerabilities and allows us to show intense grief. Feeling empowered and influencing others to be empowered does not always coincide with the radiance of happiness; happiness instead relies on the constant hope of justice.
Didactic written by Aly Rosenzweig '22
Image selected by Aly Rosenzweig '22