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CES - Uni '18

The Baby with the Paintbrush
Uni spent every free moment from January-May in the set workshop room in the Holbrook Arts Center. Here, mask covering his face, music blasting from his speaker, he bounced to the beat with a can of spray paint in hand, methodically adding one line of detail at a time to his three towering murals. Uni explored and represented his journey as a black male in the world and at Millbrook via a triptych, or a trio of pieces displayed as one body of work. Individually the pieces convey fear, clarity, and triumph—those emotions Uni experienced as he worked his way toward graduation. Collectively, they give a glimpse of Uni’s psyche through the calculated strokes of color and contrast. Uni’s triptych will remain on the exterior wall of the Holbrook Arts Center, and whether you are inspecting the attention to detail up close or viewing it from across the lower fields, Uni’s work inspires a moment of pause and reflection.