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CES - Tiffany '18

Snow Leopards
A zooie for four years and head curator in her VIth form year, it is no surprise that Tiffany’s CES project focused on the Trevor Zoo. Exploring the possibility and viability of creating an enclosure for snow leopards, she focused on whether this new addition would put stress on our red pandas. Tiffany worked with other AZA-accredited zoos to obtain snow leopard fur and urine samples that she placed in the panda habitat. After monitored the red pandas’ levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, she completed further tests at Vassar College labs before concluding that housing snow leopards would have minimal to no effect on animals housed in adjacent enclosures. Because of Tiffany’s hard work on her CES and her dedication to animals and conservation, the Trevor Zoo is that much closer to adding another endangered species to its list of resident animals.