Culminating Experience for Seniors

All seniors at Millbrook are required to complete a Culminating Experience during their senior year. The purpose of this program is to provide our seniors with an opportunity to develop their intellectual independence in a particular discipline or disciplines by engaging in an authentic intellectual project as part of the culmination of their academic career at Millbrook. Seniors are required to present their findings in a formal presentation to members of the Millbrook community. 

At the beginning of their senior year, seniors select the academic discipline in which they will pursue their culminating experience. Each senior then submits the essential question he or she plans to investigate the relevant academic department for approval or revision. Once the question has been approved, each student is required to spend a minimum of 15 hours researching, developing and refining the project over the course of the year. The project culminates in the student’s formal public presentation of his or her project to a panel of faculty evaluators and peers.

2022 CES Honors Award Winners

Elijah Grant-Pereira
I Made an Album
Morgan Reed &
Tommi Nash
Mental Health in Photographs
Adam Beck
Athletic Commentary
Danielle Singer
The Millbrook Blues: Cyanotypes
Evelynn Najork
A Study of The Hyde Amendment
Kyle Prockter
The Art of Making a Short Film
Brysha Schmidt
Weight Lifting Clinic
Stephen Peschel
Russian Poetry, Activism, and Art
Tom Powell
Engineering & Design: Murphy's Law
Allessia Carlo
The Struggle of Undocumented Immigrants in America
Freddy Hamilton
Millbrook Kicks Cancer
JD Palmer
Senior Smiles