Millbrook's curriculum is designed to challenge students at every level of their academic experience
and, as such, features 22 course offerings at the honors, AP, and advanced levels. 

AP Courses

Students may choose from Advanced Placement courses that will permit them to enter college with advanced standing. Advanced Placement courses are rigorous year-long courses that allow students to study a subject area at the college level; advanced standing is awarded based upon the results of the AP exams, which are administered in May. 

At Millbrook, the AP is offered in English Language and Literature, French Language, Spanish Language and Literature, French language and culture, Statistics and Calculus AB/BC. All students enrolled in an AP class are required to take the AP exam.

Honors & Advanced Courses

Millbrook offers honors courses in English, mathematics, science, world languages, and the arts. These courses focus on refining skills, extending concepts, and diving deeper into content areas.

Designed to challenge the advanced student, these classes move at a faster pace, as well as include more content.