Remote Learning in December 2020

Remote learning will run from Monday, November 30, 2020 - Friday, December 18, 2020. On the Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays of this remote-learning period, the schedule follows our in-person schedule fairly consistently. Classes run for 70 minutes with breaks in between every class. Assembly, advisory, and extra help are built into the schedule. Classes will be synchronous, though the exact design of each class may vary. 

Please review the FAQs and Best Practices below to gain more understanding of expectations and how this remote-learning period will run.

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Remote Learning - FAQs

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • What will students need for remote Millbrook?

    Before Thanksgiving break, teachers will let all students know what books and other supplies should be brought home. Students will need books, calculators, laptops, etc.
  • Will students really be in class for 70 minutes?

    Though there are 70 minutes allotted for each class, our goal is to limit total screen time during class blocks, so there is flexibility about what students are doing during that period of time. For example, a whole class might meet on Zoom for the first 15 minutes, break to work on something, and then come back at the end of class to debrief. Or students might have individual conferences with a teacher or breakout sessions with classmates. Classes may also just meet for the first 45 minutes of a block. Teachers will be clear in their expectations with each class. 
  • What happened to exams?

    Part of the new 70-minute schedule is that there is no longer an exam week. This would have been true regardless of COVID-19. Instead of a dedicated exam week, students will do some sort of cumulative assignment (essays, projects, tests, etc.) in each class. For some classes, this cumulative assignment will be completed before Thanksgiving break. In other classes, students will do this assignment during the remote learning period.
  • How will grading work?

    Teachers will grade classwork as they normally would, and this remote period will count in first semester grades.
  • How will attendance work?

    Students are expected to meet all requirements - classes, meetings, etc. If a student is not in attendance and has not been excused, the student will receive an absence. All consequences for absences will be implemented upon returning to campus. Throughout the remote-learning period, either the advisor or Academic Dean Eve Whitehouse will notify parents of any absence(s).
  • What should students who live in different time zones do?

    Before leaving for Thanksgiving break, students will sit down with their advisor and make a plan for which class blocks they will attend.

    For example, it is not reasonable to expect students in California to attend the first block of the day that meets at 5:30 PST. It is reasonable, however, for them to attend the blocks later in the day.

    Students will work with their advisors to come up with a reasonable plan and, with the assistance of the academic office, confirm the plan with teachers. Teachers may have students watch a video of a recorded class in some cases, or students may have work to do on their own followed by catch-up time with teachers during an extra help period.
  • I have been an official remote learner this semester. Will anything look different for me in December?

    You should expect to follow the same meeting schedule as you have so far during the first semester.
  • I have a doctor’s appointment and will need to miss class - what should I do?

    First, try to schedule as many of these types of things as possible on Wednesdays (or on the weekend) to avoid missing classes. Each class only meets seven times during remote learning, so it’s important students attend as many of those blocks as possible.

    If a student must miss something, they should contact the teacher, advisor, and Ms. Whitehouse (IIIrd/IVth) or Ms. Clarke (Vth/VIth) ahead of time to avoid receiving an absence.
  • How will advisory work?

    There is scheduled advisory time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Advisors will let students know how that time will work, whether for group discussions, one-on-ones, or just time to drop by via Zoom to chat.
  • How will Saturday programming work?

    IVth Form
    Our Human Development course is a state requirement, so it will meet (and attendance will be taken) on Wednesdays from 1-1:45.

    VIth Form
    College counseling may use the 1-1:45 block on Wednesdays to meet with seniors and discuss college applications. 

    IIIrd and Vth Form
    IIIrd and Vth formers do not have a required meeting during the 1:00 block on Wednesdays. 
  • I have particular challenges with remote learning because of technology, location, etc. What should I do?

    Any student who is concerned about technology or learning environment challenges should speak with their advisor, who will bring your concerns to Ms. Whitehouse and Ms. Clarke.
  • Will there be athletics, chapel talks, dorm programming, etc?

    Chapel Talks will continue to meet and will be required. There will be other optional programming, such as dorm meetups, athletic programming, and Friday clubs, among other things. Contact Mr. Dan Skoglund with questions about any of these things.

Remote Learning - Best Practices for Students

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  • Materials - Plan Ahead

    Make sure you bring all the necessary materials with you when you leave for Thanksgiving. You should plan ahead and bring second-semester materials, too, just in case something unexpected happens.

    1. Create a daily routine

      Treat remote learning like school. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and do all the things that you would do if you were here on campus. Make sure you know what your assignments are. Attend extra help when you have questions. Have a set time/place to get your work done when you are not in classes. Set a reasonable bedtime for yourself. It is only three weeks - take it seriously. 

      1. Communication is key

        Communicate with your advisor about any issues you are having with remote learning, whether small (my power is out today) or large (I do not have a quiet space available during these three weeks).

        1. Use proper Zoom etiquette

          You should have your camera on when on Zoom. If there is a particular issue with this, please speak with your advisor. 

          1. Plan ahead if you will be in a different time zone

            If you will be in a different time zone than Millbrook during remote learning, speak with your advisor before you go home. We will help you problem-solve.

          2. Don't let absences accumulate

              If you will not be in a given class (you are sick or have something unavoidable), contact your teachers, advisor, and Ms. Whitehouse (III/IV) or Ms. Clarke (V/VI) so that you don’t get an absence.

            Remote Learning - Best Practices for Parents

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            • Be cognizant of your child's schedule

              Avoid scheduling things during class time whenever possible. There are no classes on Wednesdays (there are a few non-academic obligations), Saturdays, or Sundays - if you need to schedule something, please use those days. If your child must miss class for any reason, make sure they have communicated with the appropriate people ahead of time about it so that they don’t receive an absence. 

            • Communication is key

              If issues or concerns arise, reach out to your child’s advisor (or encourage them to do so). 

            • Help your child establish a routine

              Encourage your child to set a routine for him or herself that mirrors the routine they have at Millbrook - a set wake-up time, class time, homework time, and bedtime. It is helpful to give your child ownership over the specifics of the routine, but for you to emphasize the importance of having a routine. Remember that they have practice in setting their own routine while at Millbrook - they are used to a fair amount of academic autonomy and independence.