Wolf Change Ups – Trevor Zoo update – April 15, 2013

Catherine Zeiser
1-Shiloh, dad of our May 2, 2012 red wolf pups, left in January 2013 to be paired with another female for the 2013 breeding season. See the article at the following link http://nywolf.org/home?p=7376
2-Trevor Zoo also sent our two male red wolf pups to the Wolf Conservation Center (http://nywolf.org/) for February and March 2013. We just got the two males back, and they have joined the pack again. Currently, there are 7 wolves on exhibit. 
Below are some facts about red wolves - from the U S Fish and Wildlife Service, and Trevor Zoo.
Red Wolf (Canis rufus) Facts
  • Is one of the world's most endangered canids.
  • Once common throughout the eastern and south central United States, red wolf populations were decimated as a result of predator control programs and habitat loss.
  • 1967, red wolves were designated as an endangered species with only 17 known pure individuals left in the population.
  • 1980, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife declared red wolves extinct in the wild.
  • An estimated, 110 – 130 red wolves currently inhabit the Red Wolf Recovery Area located in North Carolina. The population includes 26 packs with at least 11 breeding pairs.
  • Today, nearly 200 red wolves are maintained in 40 captive breeding facilities throughout the U.S., including the TREVOR ZOO