Trustee Welcome by William Crossman '74, Commencement 2009

It's a great honor for me to be here today to represent the Board of Trustees. When Bill McNamara, our Board Chair, asked me if I would "pinch hit" for him, I was indeed delighted to do so for some fairly obvious reasons. What I did not realize at the time of accepting the offer was that my father stood at this podium 28 years ago representing the Board of Trustees, doing the same thing while my brother Scott sat amongst the graduating class. In so many ways, Millbrook truly is a place of family and tradition.
Thank you, Class of 2009, for making this day a possibility. It is with great excitement that the faculty, your family, and friends are here to celebrate the formal completion of your Millbrook education. You will discover, however, that what you have learned during your time at Millbrook School will never leave you. Your Millbrook education does not stop today. You will find yourself long distances from this campus reflecting on lessons learned and applying them in new settings. Respect, integrity, curiosity, stewardship, service—these are all lessons learned that will bode you well no matter what path in life you travel. This is the moral framework which will allow you to do great things.

Your success could not be possible without the tremendous support and efforts of your teachers, coaches, administrative team, and advisors, who are often one and the same. As in the past, the teachers at Millbrook today are an extraordinarily dedicated and talented group of individuals, and the Board would like to thank every one of you for all that you do to make Millbrook a very special place.

As for the work of the Board, we have been very busy planning new projects such as a turf field, additional squash courts, and new dormitories, to name a few. We are also working diligently to raise endowment, which is the key to the long-term success of the school. Even during these trying times, i can report that the school is in excellent health.

The Board is very proud of the Class of 2009—of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that this year you are particularly well represented on the Board. We are proud of you because of the growth you have achieved in so many ways and for your leadership and spirit for the community and for each other. You have led the school year with distinction and honor and leave the school a better place. We wish you all the best.