Millbrook-Pomfret Day

Millbrook had home field advantage for the 2022 iteration of Millbrook-Pomfret Day, but by the end of a very full Saturday, Pomfret retained the coveted Peck-Pulling Trophy. Scoring in twelve competitions was used to calculate the unfortunate final result. Mustangs notched wins in boys thirds soccer, boys varsity soccer, girls varsity volleyball, and girls cross country but were defeated in other contests.
Pomfret Head of School Tim Richards and Millbrook Head of School Jonathan Downs '98 were gracious at an impromptu awards ceremony held after the final game of the day, girls varsity soccer on Ohio. After a true nailbiter decided by a shootout, the Griffins prevailed. Mr. Downs once again donned a red Pomfret sweatshirt as Mr. Richards held the winning trophy aloft before a sideline teeming with boisterous Griffins.
After only two years, Millbrook-Pomfret Day already feels like a cherished tradition. The growing desire to display the trophy here at Millbrook will motivate every athlete.


Boys Varsity Soccer - 6-2 win
Boys Thirds Soccer - 5-2 win
Varsity Volleyball - 3-0 win
Girls Cross Country - win
Varsity Field Hockey - 3-2 loss
JV Field Hockey - 3-0 loss
Girls Varsity Soccer - 1-1 (Pomfret 4-3 win in PK)
Girls JV Soccer - 4-0 loss
Boys JV Soccer - 2-1 loss
JV Volleyball - 3-1 loss
Football - 40-32 loss
Boys Cross Country - loss