She Kills Monsters Slays

She Kills Monsters roared to life at the Chelsea Morrison Theater featuring masterful performances, fight scenes, special effects, and larger-than-life puppets. It’s the story of a young woman who is only able to truly come to know her sister after her death through her participation in Dungeons and Dragons.
Written by Vietnamese-American playwright Qui Nguyen, the show explores high school cultures and subcultures, gender, and identity. Ella Kneedler '24 played Tilly, who was revered and beloved by friends in the Dungeons and Dragons world before being killed in a car accident. The role of Agnes was played on alternating nights by Lily Slepoy '24 and Ivy Braly '24. Oliver Jellinek '24 was commanding and hilarious as the dungeon master while Grace Ashford '24 and Margaux Champon '23 vamped it up as evil cheerleaders. The ensemble cast kept things moving as audiences were wowed by giant puppets representing the mythical creatures battled in D&D.
As usual, the multi-faceted show was carefully chosen for theme and content and the cast and crew made it a memorable run.


Chanya Johnson '26
Ivy Braly '24
Lily Slepoy '24
Ella Kneedler '24
Henry Stafford '23 
Linna Du '26
Oliver Jellinek '24
Marvelous Aderibigbe '26 
Liam Foehl '25 
Fifi Ferreira '25
Ethan Davis '24
Margaux Champon '23
Grace Ashford '24 
Hannah Coon '23 
Alex Fraser '23
Wyatt Gosselin

Estella Blue '24
Henry Stafford '23
Nashle Urgiles '24
Richard Widmer
Will Zelevansky '23

Madison Weis '24
Grace Ashford '24
Kaiya Brereton '24
Querida Alleyne '24
Nashle Urgiles '24
Margaux Champon '23 
Lisa Parker '24
Estella Blue '24
Will Zelevansky '23 
Leah Foehrenbach '25
Dylan Mainardi '24 
Christina Bellin '24
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