Millbrook Graduates the Class of 2022 in 91st Commencement

Millbrook’s 91st Commencement marked a return to tradition while also celebrating the accomplishments and aspirations of the mighty Class of 2022. Sunny skies lit the big white tent on Flagler Quad as friends and family gathered to salute the 89 graduates. Jonathan Downs ’98 presided over his first Commencement as the seventh headmaster of Millbrook School, bridging past and future.
Commencement exercises were truly a family affair, beginning with remarks by Trustee William “Fritz” Souder, proud parent of Hattie ’22, and followed by wise words from Judge Judy Sheindlin, introduced by her granddaughter Emma Levy, also a member of the graduating class. Nominated by his peers, Elijah Grant-Pereira delivered the Sixth Form Commencement Address, focused on the unity of the Class of 2022 and gratitude for the community they created.
Headmaster Downs then bestowed the following Commencement awards:
 Edward G. Allen Sportsmanship Cup to Tommi Nash
Community Service Cup to Precious Esielem and Evelynn Najork
Casertano Cup to Joe Masterson
Summa Cum Laude to Adam Beck
The Class of 2022 faced challenges with grace and fortitude, using love and humor to support each other as they blossomed into campus leaders. As they embark upon various new adventures, they take something of Millbrook with them, as surely as they leave behind a bit of themselves. 
Congratulations Class of 2022!

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