Linda Casertano Awarded Honorary Diploma

Linda Casertano was awarded what is one of the few honorary Millbrook School diplomas during Friday’s Board of Trustees dinner at Casertano Hall. The only other confirmed honorary diploma was given to Millbrook founder Edward Pulling.

“Linda is a strong, steadfast, and caring woman who may be the best example of Non Sibi Sed Cunctis in our midst,” said Board of Trustees Chairman Bill McNamara prior to bestowing the honor. During her 31 years as Millbrook’s ‘First Lady,’ Linda’s judgment, work ethic, and grace have underpinned the great change and progress of the Casertano Era. While raising a family on campus and serving as Drew’s most trusted confidant and advisor, Linda’s independent school career flourished at Dutchess Day, Browning Associates, Indian Mountain, and finally, Millbrook School. Her financial aid expertise is unparalleled and the most recent way she has strived to leave Millbrook better than she found it.

The sharing of her exclusive honor with Edward Pulling affirms the importance and transcendence of Linda’s time at Millbrook.

The diploma reads:
Linda O. Casertano has completed 31 years of exemplary service to and extraordinary stewardship of our school community. In recognition of her humble leadership and transformative legacy, we hereby award an honorary Diploma of the School in testimony whereof we have affixed our signatures.”

Lucy P. Cutting 1991-2000
William B. McNamara '75 2000-2012
William L. Menard '78 2012- 
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