Doing Good With Doughnuts - A Team Effort

It’s not hard to find a reason to eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut but even easier when in support of a worthy cause. The Millbrook Mustang field hockey and girls lacrosse teams worked together to sell and distribute 123 dozen doughnuts, that’s 1,476 Krispy Kremes, around campus. The proceeds went to the Friends of Jaclyn, a local foundation dedicated to supporting children with pediatric brain tumors, cancer, and other diseases.
Based nearby in Dutchess County, the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation seeks to improve the lives of afflicted children and their families by pairing them with local high school and college sports teams. The match-up is called an adoption. Ordinarily, kids bond with teams through in-person interaction at games and practices and regular communication, but COVID-19 interfered with the Millbrook girls lacrosse and field hockey teams’ plans to adopt a local child this year.
Girls Lacrosse and Field Hockey Head Coach Maria Grant worked with Friends of Jaclyn to find a way to get involved. Many sick kids must be isolated due to the pandemic, a situation made even worse over the holidays when family and friends plan to be together. Coach Grant recruited her teams to write individual notes to over 100 sick children, and they will use the money raised by the Krispy Kreme sale to purchase small gifts to send along.

“The kids organized the effort,” said Coach Grant. “We could’ve sold way more if we had more time.”
By finding a way to put Non Sibi Sed Cunctis into action, the lacrosse and field hockey teams will brighten lives during the holidays. The teams hope to make this a recurring fundraiser with future Krispy Kreme sales planned for the spring.
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