Future Voters of America

As Election Day 2020 approaches, it’s increasingly important that all citizens, including all eligible Millbrook students and faculty, are able to exercise their right to vote. “Voting is what makes a Democracy work,” said Headmaster Drew Casertano during a recent assembly.

Aly Rosenzweig ’22 founded Future Voters of America to educate and register those eligible to vote. For several nights, Aly spoke with students as they entered the dining hall, informing them of their right to register at age 16 in New York State and assisting others with completing and submitting absentee ballots. She was encouraged to find that roughly half of those with whom she spoke were registered and, of those, many had already voted absentee.
In many ways participation in a democracy is Non Sibi Sed Cunctis in action. “I feel that a lot of people don’t realize the impact their voting has on other people,” said Aly. “Many communities around the U.S. need your vote,” she continued, “including immigrants, women, and marginalized people.”
Beyond registering voters, Future Voters of America (FV of A) held an Election Information Night during which presenters spoke on ten important issues and engaged in lively fact-based, small-group discussions. Aly and the FV of A are also planning to conduct a mock on-campus election on November 3.
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