Team Effort Brings a Win in First Athletic Match of the Season

In Millbrook's first athletic event of the 2020-2021 school year, boys and girls from our cross country teams put in extraordinary team effort that paid off in a win against a strong Salisbury team. Running on Salisbury's turf, in masks, and competing against an all-male team made the thrill of victory even greater. 

Millbrook's runners traveled to Salisbury on Saturday, October 17th for a staggered race on a perfect fall day. Both teams were tested for COVID-19 a few days prior, and additional safety measures were taken into account. Coaches Kathy Havard and Leigh Schmitt agree that there was a great deal of excitement in this opportunity to compete. Coach Schmitt shares these highlights:
"Salisbury ran first, and then the starting gun went off for Millbrook a few minutes later. The day itself was gorgeous—a classic fall afternoon with bright sun, cool temps, and vibrant foliage. Salisbury's course is a real beast with lots of hills, climbing, roots, rocks, and technical flowy sections. In short, it's a true cross country course.

All of the Millbrook runners fared very, very well.  It was a true team effort, as the boys and girls combined their overall places for the team score.  A Salisbury runner won the meet outright with the fastest individual time, but Millbrook's positioning, consistent high finishes, and deep mid-pack placement (read: team effort) resulted in Millbrook notching an overall lower score and thus winning the meet, 25-33.  The top three boy finishers were Jonah Gersten '21, Peter Lyon '21, and Jack Evans '24.  The top three girl finishers were Juliet Drury '24 (2nd overall Millbrook runner), Anna Wilson '21, and Sarah Eagen '24.  

We were very proud of the team.—they ran hard, exhibited bravery, and compiled a phenomenal team effort."

Jim Eagen, Millbrook class of 1988, and his wife, Ellen, were overjoyed to hear about the competition and their daughter’s (Sarah ’24) first win as a Millbrook student and shared, “Sarah has such pride in her voice as a Mustang. Larger than the win itself, was the experience. The kids were COVID tested, got on a bus to go compete, and even ran in masks. These are no small things in 2020. They are big deals for our 9th-grade girl from California. Thanks to Millbrook for shepherding her and the team through all of this!”