Low Ropes, High Adventure

Millbrook’s new low ropes course joins the Marsh Boardwalk and Canopy Walkway as another reason to get outdoors and explore South Campus. Comprised of eight elements, the course features two type of climbing walls, a variety of cable crossings, a giant spiderweb to traverse, and an exceedingly tricky balance platform.
The obstacles are designed to promote collaboration and team building while students and faculty gain insight into group dynamics and how individuals face challenges. Most IIIrd form students have visited the course, and IVth formers will be next. It has been used in orientation and also by sports teams looking to promote teamwork and to change up their workouts.
In a clearing, a rough-hewn platform serves as a giant seesaw. The challenge begins with two students on opposite ends of the platform attempting to balance by shuffling around until it is steady. Students then step onto the platform in pairs with the goal of balancing with all team members aboard. Cooperation, communication, and problem-solving are crucial in this exercise. In other features of the course, students guide their teammates to safely complete a trust walk through a series of swinging tires, spot each other on climbing walls and strategize routes across a spiderweb made of rope.
With students spending more time on campus to maintain the Millbrook “bubble,” the low ropes course offers a chance for adventure a short hike from the quad.
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