Prum Sweet Prum

Though many of Millbrook’s beloved traditions are brought forward from earlier times, growth and change are always welcome. So it is this year at Prum Hall which, for the first time in Millbrook’s 90-year existence, is home to female students. A coveted on-campus address due to the exclusively single rooms and proximity to the Dining Hall, rooms at Prum have been reallocated to allow greater social distancing among boarding students across campus.
Mostly Vth and VIth formers, the girls of Prum are proud to be part of what may become a new normal at Millbrook. “We wanted to live in Prum,” said VIth former Sophie Stark, “so we stepped up and volunteered.” With a high-profile location on Pulling Circle, the dorm was named for Xavier Prum, a math, physics, and meteorology teacher who was dorm master of his now-namesake building from 1941-1953. It is one of the oldest residences on campus and famous for cozy single rooms and a notoriously creepy basement.
Eager to make it their own, the 13 pioneering girls currently living along the long hall on the second floor have put a lot of work into personalizing their rooms. “We’ve given Prum a new identity,” says Vth former Caroline Frase, “It’s a whole new dynamic!”