Traditions Find a Way - Headmaster's IIIrd Form Reading

The Headmaster's weekly reading with the IIIrd form class is a tradition that dates back to the early days of Millbrook School and founding Headmaster Edward Pulling. For the entirety of his 31-year tenure, Headmaster Drew Casertano has kept the tradition alive, and there was never a question of if the tradition was going to continue this year, but how.

From sports to academics and activities, adjustments have been made throughout the campus and our programming to meet the stringent health and safety guidelines in place to operate at full capacity. One of the protocols put in place is for individuals to remain 6 feet apart, regardless of whether they are inside or outside. For the IIIrd form reading, that means the familiar, warm, sleep-inducing couches of the Pulling House living room are no longer an option. After careful planning, it was decided that the ideal place to carry on the tradition is the dining hall. The space is large enough to fit the full IIIrd form class and allows for easy access to the crowd-favorite milk and cookies. 

The first reading occurred on September 24th in its new location. Headmaster Casertano took his place at the front of the dining hall after welcoming each student into the space. With snacks in hand students settled in and listened to an introduction and some history about the tradition of which they are now a part. Students spent the next half hour listening to Mr. Casertano read from the writings of Edward Pulling the history of the buildings that currently house the IIIrd form class. Next week the group will start Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli, one of Casertano's favorites.

Though the circumstances of the year have made things more difficult, one of Millbrook's oldest traditions remains intact. Being in the dining hall makes the experience feel differently, but Headmaster Casertano is still able to take a minute to pause, connect, and share stories, both fictional and personal, with Millbrook's youngest scholars. The hope is he will create an experience that the class of 2024 will remember as fondly as every generation of Millbrook alumni.