New for 2020: Creative Club Ideas

In Millbrook's new schedule for 2020-2021, Friday evenings are intended to be generated and planned by students. Friday Evening Programs Director Kathy Havard describes the new opportunities on Friday evenings as "a combination of club and group meetings plus events that said clubs and groups may plan for larger school-wide participation with a lot of potentials for students to exercise choice, pursue curiosity, and develop passions."
Ms. Havard has formed a council of students who will assist in planning the new Friday evening events, and members Molly, Fenway, Hanji, Stephen, Precious, Aly, Pearson, Scout, and Alec have crafted Millbrook's first Club Open House to take place today, September 25th on Zoom from 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Students interested in starting a new club or recruiting new members to a returning club have created their own public service announcements (PSAs) about what their clubs will be doing. 
Friday evening activities will be broken into two hour-long slots so that students can pursue multiple interests. All will be zooming in to club meetings from their dorms, and some Fridays will be devoted to an all-school meeting that might be a literary showcase, a film showing, an improv workshop, or a guest speaker. Ms. Havard and her Friday council members are encouraging clubs to suggest and plan some of these all-school events.

View a sample video from the Real Estate Club to the left, or click here to view additional sample videos from the Music Club, GLOW, the Silo, and more.