December Arts Night

Performing arts students took to the stage on Friday, December 13th, to showcase their many talents. 

The Millbrook Singers kicked-off the evening with Coldplay's Vida la Viva la Vida. The arrangement that they performed began with just one voice, progressively building to feature nine different voice parts.
"As a group, we've been experimenting with an approach to choreography that strikes a balance between being visually interesting and yet simple enough to allow the singers to focus on the music," said Vocal Music Director Joe Raciti. 

The piece ended by collapsing back into a single melodic line sung by the entire group. Izzy Finemore '21 sang the solo and Hanji Xu '21 was featured as the beatboxer.

Following the Millbrook Singers were various dance performances. The dance program presented five dynamic pieces that were highly curated and featured seamless music and unified themes. "Choreography students choreographed a group work as their final project for their semester-long course – a significant accomplishment for students so new to the choreographic process," said Director of Dance Leighann Kowalsky. "There were six first-time performers featured, which was very exciting!"

Performance portfolio students then took to the stage, sharing an original series of short contrasting monologues and scenes that they crafted. These students captured multiple styles, highlighting their growing vocal and physical range.

The evening concluded with performances from Millbrook Music and some improvisation, with audience participation encouraged, filling the entire Chelsea Morrison Theater with humor and positive energy. 

Abrahams Islas '20 and Alexander Kaye '20 ran lights and sound for the evening. "The Technicians volunteer their time outside of all their other responsibilities," said Lauren Duffy who leads this group of students in coordinating everything behind the scenes. "These dedicated students are often the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave the building." They attend rehearsals, learn new skills, and run a fast-paced show.

Hosting duties went to Molly Reid '20, Kevin Wang '20, and Kevin Foley '20, who kept the evening flowing and brought enthusiasm and leadership to their roles.

Once again Arts Night exceeded expectations; it was a full and eventful evening, highlighting our students' strengths and talents. Bravo! 

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