Students Organize Lunar New Year Celebration

Under the leadership of Mandarin instructor Lei Pan, Millbrook students planned a Lunar New Year celebration, which included decoration-making, movie-watching, and coordinating the dining hall to have festive foods served.

The Lunar New Year is traditionally a longer celebration, and Millbrook students spent much time preparing for the multiple on-campus festivities that our community enjoyed. 
Each Lunar New Year is categorized by its zodiac animal and sexagenary cycle, which is a combination of one of 10 heavenly stems and one of the 12 earthly branches. 2019 was the year of "hai ji" or "earth pig."

The menu for the occasion is traditionally chosen based upon the lucky meanings of each food presented, and students worked with the dining hall to make sure that appropriate foods would be on the menu on February 5th, including dumplings and bubble tea. Students also enjoyed a dress down day, allowing them to show their Lunar New Year spirit by way of wearing red and yellow clothing. 

Congratulations to all involved in planning a successful celebration! Kung hei fat choy!